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24 September 2018

 We are pleased to announce that our management system for quality, environment and work environment is certified in accordance wi...

15 January 2018

Petrolink has Signed a Frame with OMV for Operational Support . Petrolink has signed a frame agreement with OMV for supplying ope...

21 December 2017

The Market is expanding and Petrolink is now recruiting. For more information, see our Career menu.  

3 November 2017

This year's ISO certification is now conducted in Petrolink with no deviation. Only one minor suggestion for improvement was not...

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Oil2City - Petrolink is one of the initiators of the concept Oil2City

13 June 2016

Oil2City is a concept that will build the city's technological " brain " developed by Petrolink and Delfi Data, together with Gjesdal , Sandnes and Stavanger municipalities and IRIS and UiS as partners. An Inter-municipal Response Center will be operated by Petrolink in one of their operations centers at Forus.