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"To provide multidiscipline services through our comprehensive pool of competence and experience to support our clients in maximising value creation and performance"

Whether you are involved in development, modification or abandonment activities, Petrolink is ready to assist in successfully managing your challenges. We understand operations requirements through years of experience gained from provision of a variety of services for plants, facilities and equipment onshore and offshore. Our track record also includes environmental initiatives, such as facilities for carbon capture and renewables.
Our approach is collaborative, utilising the asset knowledge of our clients along with our own operational experience and best practices together with proven tools and methodologies.

Petrolink’s main busines areas are:
  • Preparation for Operations, i.e. ensure readiness for operations
  • Production Operations, i.e. execute efficient and safe operations
  • Operations Support, i.e. support and improve ongoing operations

Petrolink provides solutions which:

  • Ensure integrity of facilities and satisfy operational regularity, reliability and operability requirements
  • Exhibit effective teamwork between operators and suppliers
  • Achieve outstanding HSE&Q performance

Our services enhance your operations: 
  • Accelerate time to production start-up
  • Maintain high operations performance and production
  • Optimise production and improve recovery rates
  • Reduce capital expenses and operating costs
  • Improve safety and environmental performance
  • Increase collaboration between operator, contractors and vendors
  • Stimulate collaboration between owners, operators, contractors and other stakeholders
  • Speed up information sharing and decision making
  • Reduce operational risk and enhance facility integrity