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Our Mission

"To be a leading supplier of operations services to the oil & gas industry and other energy industries" 

We serve a wide range of industry segments:

  • Oil & Gas

- Offshore
- Subsea
- Onshore incl. LNG

  • Refineries and petrochemicals
  • Power generation
  • Process and industrial
  • Renewables
  • Carbon catching
  • Various other segments

Our main goals are to:

  • Be a preferred and long term partner for our clients
  • Deliver quality services through excellent planning and execution of activities – always with a strong focus on HSE&Q, cost/benefit and efficiency
  • Pursue an including business culture with enthusiastic staff enjoying excellent client relations
  • Offer attractive workplaces with challenging opportunities based on high competence and uncompromised professional integrity
  • Execute project efficiently and run profitable and cost efficient operations for our clients
  • Be attractive for shareholders by delivering dividends according to expectations.

We shall be recognised for:

  • Adding high value to our clients through services rendered
  • Providing optimised services and technical solutions
  • Offering generic and customised solutions meeting expectations
  • Maintaining a dynamic and flexible organisation always ready to collaborate with our clients
  • Providing services and solutions consistent with recognised standards, procedures, work routines and best practices including agreed HSE&Q requirements
  • Maintaining financial strength and solidity