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Petrolink operates platforms, subsea installations and floating production units offshore, oil and gas terminals onshore, refineries and process plants including power plants and carbon capture facilities. In addition, we provide services concerned with concept selection, preparation for operations, operations support and emergency response. Operating companies and asset owners in Norway and internationally are our main clients. We have offices in Stavanger, Aberdeen, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.   

Petrolink is organised as a corporate group with three business units: 
  • Operations Support
  • Technical Services
  • Operations

We provide services and solutions for the following main areas: 

  • Operations Assurance & Consultancy
  • Operations Documentation
  • Operations Management & Execution
  • Competence Assurance
  • Simulator Training
  • Safety & Emergency Response Training
  • Maintenance & Inspection Engineering
  • Process Technology
  • Process Safety & Risk Assessment
  • Personnel Assistance
  • Project Services
  • Integrated Operations
  • E-learning

Established in 1990, Petrolink today employs more than 100 professionals with capabilities extending from long-term strategic to daily practical activities. Our services are field oriented, client adapted and covers the full life cycle of projects - always aiming at maximising operations performance, deliverability and safety.